Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Idaho FFA Alumni is Engaged!

Watch out! The Idaho FFA Alumni are fired up and readying themselves to take on the world. They just wrapped up an intense weekend of strategizing, planning and goal setting to revitalize their state Alumni Association and to grow the number of FFA supporters in the great state of Idaho.

Four Oregon FFA Alumni Council members traveled to snowy McCall, Idaho to join the Idahoans for the weekend. Armed with great food, plenty of coffee, M&M’s, white board and markers, they shared their experiences and helped facilitate Idaho’s development of a vision statement, mission and short and long-term goals. And it was the help of the National FFA Alumni’s State-to-State Mentorship Grant that made this weekend of planning possible. It was an amazing experience and I’m thankful I was allowed the opportunity to lend a hand.

Chuck Radloff, Idaho Alumni Council President said in an email to all that participated “I think we made some tremendous strides forward in developing a sustainable and stable state FFA Alumni Association for Idaho. The sharing of your experiences and insights will be priceless to us as we grow and expand our services.”

Well said Chuck! And the feeling is mutual. The passion, enthusiasm and dedication of all that participated were infectious and everyone that participated went away with something. Whether it was how to organize, getting new ideas for fundraising, improving relationships with our FFA partners or renewing our commitment to the FFA Alumni, FFA and agriculture – everyone grew from being a part of this event.

Thank you National FFA Alumni for the State-to-State Mentorship Grant and for providing the seed to make this opportunity to engage blossom!

Shauna McReynolds
Western Region Representative
National FFA Alumni Council

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