Thursday, January 26, 2012

National FFA Alumni Council Re-Energizing Meeting

After a long and jam-packed weekend of hard nosed work with the National FFA Alumni Council, Andrea Stevenson of Christmas Florida, reflects on how she re-energizes her passion for FFA every time she can.

"I realize I talk alot bout the FFA and this weekend is just one of the reasons why. Tomorrow I am going to Dade City to stay with some friends that I met when I was an FFA member 20 years ago and in addition I get to see another friend that I met in 7th grade at Forestry Camp. After all these years we still stay in touch. It's one of the many reasons why I am so passionate about FFA!"

Andrea Stevenson
National FFA Alumni Council
Member-at-Large Representative

Your National FFA Alumni Council worked hard from dusk-till-dawn January 19-21. Their work will propel the National FFA Alumni Association in a direction that will help achieve the two long range goals:
1. Every FFA chapter has an active and engaged FFA Alumni affiliate
2. Become the leaders in advocacy for agricultural education
And create an environment where the national association can impact more students and recruit more FFA Alumni members.
The energy was high and at times so was the tension... but this is what happens when you have passionate people working passionately to save, strengthen and sustain FFA and agriculture education.
Thank you to the 2012 National FFA Alumni Council and thank you to all whom they represent, we the staff appreciate all you do and thank you for re-energizing our passion!
Lucy Whitehead
National FFA Alumni

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